The PROVENT Feasibility Study closed to recruitment in December 2017. We are very pleased to report that we managed to reach our accrual target of 102 participants. Thank you to all of you who helped us achieve our goal.

Now that we know men are keen to join the trial we are seeking funding for a much larger study which will try to find out whether certain products can prevent prostate cancers that are not high risk from developing into more serious cancers. If you have missed the opportunity to participate in the feasibility trial, you may be able to join us for the main study. Please re-visit this website for updates on our progress.

Together Preventing Prostate Cancer

We are currently looking for men diagnosed with prostate cancer who are on active surveillance to take part in the PROVENT Study. The trial aims to test the clinical effectiveness of Aspirin and Vitamin D3 in preventing prostate cancer progression in men that are on active surveillance.

Up to 50% of men on active surveillance for prostate cancer may experience disease progression and subsequently undergo radical therapy. It is therefore highly advantageous to identify an agent that would be able to reduce the number of men experiencing disease progression while on active surveillance.

PROVENT is looking at established drugs in a new way, maybe it could stop some of my patients needing more radical treatment for their cancer

We'd like the chance to spend many loving years together

I'd like Grandad to be able to pick me up from school every day

Together Preventing Prostate Cancer

Men with prostate cancer may be eligible to take part in PROVENT if:

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